Factory-made customization of game consoles and accessories of any number.

​About us

Maofactory: Company performing factory-made customization of game equipment and accessories, including gamepad and consoles PlayStation, XBOX, Nintendo Switch.
We own all the necessary modern equipment, production facilities, trained staff. We are able to use many customization technologies and ready to offer them to our clients. The company is on the market for 2 years already, and during this time, we have been producing products for such well-known brands as Barcelona, Real Madrid, Heineken, Coca-Cola, Russian national football team, etc.

Our products

Dualshock 4 gamepad

The whole gamepad or parts of it are customized

PlayStation 4 Slim console

All types of PlayStation 4 consoles customized

Silicone pads on gamepads sticks

We produce custom pads with your design in small-scale for all types of gamepads.

Branded packaging

We can pack any product in its original packaging at your request (including carton boxes, blisters, euro-suspension, PET)

PlayStation PRO console

The whole console or parts of it are customized

XBOX ONE S Gamepad

The whole gamepad or parts of it are customized.

XBOX ONE S, X Console

The whole console or parts of it are customized

Portable batteries

Custom portable batteries of capacity of 4000 mAh and 8000 mAh by Rainbo trademark

Where and how we do it? (Production capacity)

Production area: 400 sqm, electrical power of 120 kW.
Staff:> 15 persons
Process engineers: 3
Designers: 2
Our production includes the following units:
paint shop, aqua printing shop, serigraphy shop, pad printing, machining shop, engraving shop, UV printing, laser, IR drying, vulcanization, thermo-compression, molding and pressing, warehouse of finished products and semi-finished products.

All business processes are automated in -1C: Manufacturing CRM.
The factory is located at: 1 Komsomolskaya, Podolsk, Moscow Region, Russia, industrial area "Zinger"


What do we offer

We offer contract manufacturing (customization) of gaming equipment. If you already have or just planning your business is in this area, we can supply you high-quality custom products.

              - Customers who already have business in this area and desires to reduce costs or increase the production capacity;

              - those who only starts their business in the field of customization;

              - brand owners and their representatives; anyone who would like to expand its products range offering customized gamepads, consoles and various accessories (if T-shirts don’t fit anymore);

              - advertising agencies.

              - cyber-sports teams and organizations.


Why work with us?
- you will be free of costs on shop maintenance, staff salaries (painters, millers, engineers, etc.), thus avoiding excessive spending while your sales are not good enough yet.

- you won’t spend money on the equipment, its maintenance, etc.

- focus on your core business: marketing, offerin, promoting and selling.

- Small minimal allowable order (3 pieces)

- Show us your designs and share them with us, receiving royalties from us.

- we organize distribution in the CIS, if your product (design) will be in demand.

- the minimum time and cost of delivery in Europe (when we work with European partners, we can accept just body parts for customization, which reduces the cost of shipment and eliminates the problems with the customs)


How we are working

Determining the order parameters.

We discuss with you all details of your order, agree on the price, volume, delivery time, payment terms. It will take 1-2 days.


If you provide your design, we will provide all the necessary requirements for the layout, etc. That takes 1-7 days

Production adapting

After another 7 days we will set up our production for your specifications. Then we can proceed to batch production.

Manufacturing and Logistics

Virtually any batch will be produced within 7-10 days and sent to you.

What about the cost?

Since the processes are quite standard, we offer you a modular order system. You just need to pick your options. The customization cost depends on your choice. You may send a request for quotation via e-mail:

Important: since the customization is factory-made, all subsequent production orders with previously used design will be cheaper for you. This is because all the commissioning, templates production and all that staff shall be made just once.

Our price is suitable for small and medium-sized batches. For orders above 100 units, the design cost is calculated individually.

Our responsibility

We are sure that the it will be much easier to start your business with us

Intellectual property

We respect your intellectual property, and none of your layouts (designs) will be sent to a third party or used by us for any purpose without your written consent. This will be established by Non-Disclosure Agreement

Quality. Modern technologies.

quality production according to the actual standards and environmental requirements. Our German and Finnish paints have all the necessary certificates.

Unique products on the market

a number of products of our company are unique, patented and involve unique technology solution

Contact us

You can contact us and we will surely answer!

+7 (967) 172 37 47
please write WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram



address: 17 Dukhovskoy pereulok, Moscow, Russia